For Ornithologists, Udzungwa is a paradise and is acknowledged as one of the best places in Tanzania for bird watchers. It has more than 250 species occupying the exceptional range and a variety of habitats within the park. A number of them are endemic and rare birds such as;

  1.  The Scarce Swift.
  2. Dappled Mountain Robin.
  3. White Chested Alethe.
  4.  Sharpe’s Alcalat.
  5. The Olive – Flanked Ground Robin.
  6. The Spot – Throat.
  7. The Black – Backed Cisticola.
  8.   The Red – Capped Forest Warbler.
  9.  The Udzungwa Partridge.
  10. Rufous – Winged Sunbird.


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