Domestic tourism safaris promotion company is offering the widest range of Travel programs to Tanzania and the whole of East African region with special emphasis on quality visits and experiences. Depending on your available time and budget, You can choose an ideal tour from one week to several weeks. Focus on Tanzania and the entire of East African region as well as  Southern African countries. All Domestic Tourism safaris Travel programs are carefully planned to permit full enjoyment.


Once you meet Domestic tourism safaris Tour guide (s), you don’t have to handle your Luggage! At every hotel your suitcase is delivered to your bedroom door and collected on departure. Luggage is restricted to one suitcase and one piece of carry-on baggage per person.


Domestic tourism safaris greatest assets are its expert locally- employed tour guides-They are the envy of the travel industry. Once your arrival in Tanzania and the entire of East African region, your tour guide is there to welcome you, handle your Luggage, and escort you from place to place and give you a daily commentary. Tour guides have grown up in Tanzania and the whole of East African region in their respective countries with history and culture and know how to make events come live. They create a superb experience with daily doses of humor, information and assistance.


Domestic tourism safaris promotion company specify the hotels that it used them on each tour. For example, First class hotel features a dining room, Lounge, bar and comfortable rooms. Superior first  class hotels offer the same amenities with higher standards and most have leisure and spa facilities. Deluxe hotels offer Luxurious features and are often in unique settings. Domestic tourism safaris promotion company website contains  photos and detailed descriptions of each property.

All hotels offer internet service, either in the Lobby or in guest rooms and sometimes there is a charge for this service.


On arrival at hotel, Domestic safaris promotion company-Tour guide will announce your room number and you just pick up the key at the front desk. On departure you pay for phone calls, drinks or other extras.


Most of the hotels chosen by Domestic tourism safaris promotion company offer Leisure facilities with exercise equipment, Swimming pools, Saunas and Steam rooms. So be sure to pack gym clothes and swim wear. Many hotels feature restate-of-the art spa-treatments that can be reserved in advance.

  • FOOD:
  • Breakfasts.

Every morning a full breakfast is served in your hotel to get your day off to a good start. This includes a great variety of cold and hot dishes and is often served buffet style so that you may choose whatever you wish.

  • Lunches;

Many Lunch stops are in towns where you can find a friendly bar and choose “ Pub grub “, casual dishes of many kinds, or at self- service restaurants so that you can choose what you like and save valuable time for sightseeing.


In hotels a tabled’ hot dinner is served. This is a 4- course meal with 2 to 5 choices of appetizers, entrees and desserts followed by tea or coffee. Specially requests for vegetation or low fat meals should be made directly to the hotel and can be arranged easily. Usually you will have a couple of free evenings in major cities and towns where you will find a wide range of restaurants that are within easy reach.

  • Special Evenings;

All of our Domestic tourism safaris promotion company tours  highlight a number of great evenings to enhance your vacation. These experiences enable you to sample local foods and enjoy special entertainment.

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