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The Republic of Uganda

800px-flag_of_ugandaHEAD OF STATE: President YoweriKagutaMuseveni



Total land area is 236,040sq.k.m


Kenya on the east, South Sudan on the North, Democratic Republic of Congo on the west and Tanzania and Rwanda on the South.


English is language, Swahili language and Luganda language is widely spoken in the streets. MONETARY UNIT: Ugandan new shilling


Presidential system, Republic, Democracy.bahai-temple-kampala1

INDEPENDENCE: October 9,1962


OCTOBER 9,1962.

The Duke of Kent handing over the constitutional instruments to the prime minister, Apollo Milton obote at Kololo stadium in Kampala on October 9,1962.

1966: Buganda Crisis:

Obote Overthrows independence constitution, the army occupies the palace of the Buganda king and Uganda’s titular president Edward Muteesa II at Lubiri, and he is sent into exile. These events end the union of convenience between the then ruling UPC and KabakaYekka party of mainly Ganda nationalists, and turn obote into a hate figure among the Baganda royalty and Loyalist.


Pope John Paul VI visits Uganda.

1971(January) :

The army overthrows obote after months of ethnic tensions in the institution: other ethnic groups gang up against langi and Acholi Officers, back Idi Amin, who is announced new leader.uganda


Amin “ dreams” or “God speaks to Amin” and he expels Asians from Uganda, hands formerly Asian – owned businesses to Ugandan nationals, most of whom are unschooled in the art of doing business. Before long, they run the businesses into the ground and the country witnesses a collapse of its economy – no goods in shops, no forex and political tension builds.

1979 (April):

Amin is deposed after a war led by KikosiMaalumu, TPDF and Ugandan exiles from Tanzania.


A flurry of confusion, governments: later in December 1980, elections are held and UPC rigs itself into power,

DP takes to parliament as the opposition.

1981 (February):

27 men start a bush war against the rigged 1980 election verdict.

1985 (July):

Obote is once again overthrown by his army, which sets up a military junta led by General Tito OkelloLutwa.

1986 (January)mount-elgon-falls

YoweriKagutaMuseveni marches into Kampala, taking power from the military junta. Museveni and his group promise fundamental change and four years within which to return the country to civilian rule economic revival.


Museveni and group extend their stay in power by another four years, ostensibly to complete the constitution making process.


Pope John II visits Uganda.


The new constitution is promulgated after nearly two years of debate: the constitution relations the one party “Movement system” of government. Also entrenched in the constitution is a two – term presidential limit.


The first presidential election under the new constitution is held.


Uganda holds a referendum and votes to return the country to multiparty Politics: parliament changes the constitution to remove term limits, giving Museveni a chance to extend his rule.


The first multiparty elections since 180: Museveni wins the election for his third term in state house.

2007: (November),

Uganda hosts the common wealth Heads of Government Meeting: preparations marred by corruption scandals:

Queen Elizabeth II graces the opening accompanied by Duke of Edinburgh.


Another presidential election: Museveni wins with a 68 percent majority: Opposition groups under the Activists for change (A4C) pressure group start street protests against rising cost of living and the high handedness of security agencies. Kampala and major towns become battle grounds between protestors and security forces. Nine people,

including a two – year old baby, are killed in chaos.


Uganda marks 50th Independence Anniversary.


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