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  1. South Sudan has a total land area of approximately 620,000 sq km. population 9 million (UN estimate, but the South Sudan government estimates population at 11 million – 13 million). 51 percent of the population is under 18. More than 200 ethnic groups; one of the most linguistically diverse areas in the world. South Sudan becomes the 56th country in Africa, 193rd member of the UN and 196th country in the world and potentially, the 6th member of the EAC.


  • OFFICIAL NAME: The Republic of south Sudan
  • HEAD OF STATE: President Salva Kiir Mayardit
  • CAPITAL: Juba
  • CURRENCY: South Sudanese pound
  • OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: English Language but Arabic Language is used for business.


  • POPULATION: 10.84 Million (2012) World Bank
  • FORM OF GOVERNMENT: Presidential system, federal republic, Representative democracy, Republic.


  • NATIONAL ANTHEM: South Sudan Oyee
  • BORDER COUNTRIES: Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Sudan, Central African Republic and Ethiopia.


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