crater2Did you know? (The main factors that led to the Establishment of Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority).

It should be known that in the past, the human beings particularly the maasai people used to live with animals at Greater Serengeti National park which was established in 1940. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) was once part of the Serengeti National park and it was parceled out from the Greater  Serengeti National park in 1959. This means that when Serengeti National park was established in 1951, Ngorongoro conservation was part of the Greater Serengeti National park, and the Maasai people were living within these two  protected areas of Serengeti and Ngorongoro respectively.Maasai_boma_in_Ngorongoro_Conservation_Area Since the Maasai were by then living within the park without proper regulations and guidelines, the local communities were at risk of the wild animals, diseases and other calamities. The colonial government of the British rule thus thought it would be wise to establish two exclusive settlements, one for animals alone (Now Serengeti National park) and the other to serve as multiple land use project, where both man and animals co-exist(Now Ngorogoro conservation Area Authority). This was a strategy aimed at reducing pressure on limited natural resources on one hand, and sustainability, on the other. IMG_3251Besides preserving diversity ,the government wanted to ensure  that the rights of the indigenous maasai are safeguarded. Subsequently, all the maasai inhabitants of Serengeti National park were resettled in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) and leaving Serengeti to wild animals. Also it is in this Area where the famous Ngorongoro crater is located. Ngorongoro crater is the largest extinct volcanic crater in the world, measuring 12 miles across and is home of the largest permanent population of game in all of Africa.


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